Barangay15-Central, Caloocan


 “A cleaner, orderly,
 peaceful and
progressive Barangay”

 Barangay Officials:

Enrique "Ricky" G. Santos Jr.
Punong Barangay

Romeo B. Juego

Judy "Baby" D. Valbuena

Obedelito "Lito" B. Velasco

Jade Vincent R. Yupangco

 Federico "Phete" C. Laya

Rogel B. dela Paz

Eduardo V. Trinidad

Joan L. Guerrero
Punong Kabataan

 Mary Katherine R. Gonzalez
Barangay Secretary
 Ma. Catherine A. delos Trinos
Barangay Treasurer


         To promote Peace and Order within the community for the betterment of our Barangay
          To organize Medical Services for our constituents young and old.
          To promote Literacy to our young constituents
          To promulgate Cleanliness within the Barangay
          To initiate Livelihood Programs and Skills Traning for the Parents for the improvement of financial incomes.


I may be young in age as well as in experience, but, I will try my very best to be a good leader of this barangay.  As such, I will be closer to my people as I can be.  I must be sensitive to the needs of the people of our barangay.  Above all else, my duty is to serve them and not to be served, not by giving them food on a silver platter, but, by helping them find the ways to live a decent life.                
     I am thankful to my constituencies who believe in me in leading our barangay.  To those who have doubts, may you be my inspirataion in making our barangay CLEAN, ORDERLY, PEACEFUL and PROGRESSIVE.   We are all in this together, let’s all work things out to improve our lot.   
     May the Lord God protect us in our journey. . . 
Enrique"Ricky" G. Santos Jr.                                        
                                                                     PUNONG BARANGAY
                                                          Barangay 15, Zone 2, District II

Our Newly Elected Barangay Officials

     After the last October 25, 2010 Synchronized Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Election our constituents was once again given the chance to democratically choose the people who are willing to serve for them. As everybody know this is one of the hardest kind of election, first and foremost, because you are selecting the right person who would serve you best whether its a relative or not but  most important is you have chosen wisely the person whom you could trust to serve and not to be served. 

     Undoubtedly, our Punong Barangay Enrique "Ricky" G. Santos Jr. has once again won their trust because of his willingness to give his best to share and to serve his constituents, with him are Barangay Kagawad Romeo "Romy" Juego (Husband of departed former Punong Barangay Mirasol Juego), Re-elected Judy "Baby" D. Valbuena, Re- elected Obedelito "Lito" B. Velasco, Jade Vincent R. Yupangco, Re-elected Federico "Phete" C. Laya, Rogel "Boy" B. dela Paz and Eduardo "Ed" V. Trinidad, respectively, and our new Punong Kabataan Joan L. Guerrerro.

The Newly Elected Barangay Officials Mass Oath-taking took place last November 17, 2010 at Bulwagan Katipunan Hall in the presence of our Honorable Mayor Enrico "Recom" Echiverri and National Liga President Honorable Rico Judge "RJ" Echiverri.
(posted November 23, 2010)

Sangguniang Kabataan Oath Taking

A new set of young individuals who are willing to prepare themselves to be a new breed of politician. Our new Punong Kabataan Joan L. Guerrero and her Council Deserie Ann M. Ballelos, Janine Rose O. Cabanban, Ronald Ryan F. Santos, Maria Glaiza T. Fernandez, Christian A. Alcantara, Recy T. Tangonan and Angelique Anne M. Manapat, respectively.
The Sangguninang Kabataan Oathtaking took place last November 22, 2010 at Bulwagan Katipunan Hall. 
(posted December 20, 2010)

A New  Generation of Leader for Barangay 15

Is it really time for the New Generation to handle the political matters at hand? It seems the concern people has chosen a new generation of leaders for them to follow....... giving the young their chance to show their skills in serving their Barangay and constituents for the love of......

Last October 29, 2007 Synchronize Barangay and SK Election was held to give the wanna be their chance in politics but it seems that the Younger Generation of Politicians have won, namely Enrique "Ricky" G. Santos Jr as Punong Barangay, for Kagawads; Federico "Phete" Laya, Miguell "Mike" Saludes, Enrico " Dok Ricky" Lizardo, Harry "Aug" Peñafiel, Antonio "Tony" Manapat (one of the young at heart who past the eye of the people...), Obedelito "Lito" Velasco and the flower among the thorns Judy "Baby" Valbuena.

Mass Oath Taking took place at the Bulwagan last November 19, 2008, on the very same date of Dok Ricky's birthday.......

Salute to the New Generation of Leaders from all the Barangay of Caloocan  most of all to our loving Mayor, Atty. Enrico "Recom" Echiverri!!!

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Barangay15, Zone 2, District 2, Caloocan City,Punong Barangay, Enrique "Ricky" G. Santos Jr.;Kagawad: Federico "Phete" C. Laya, Miguell "Mike" J. Saludes, Enrico "Dok Ricky" S. Lizardo, Harry " Aug" S. Peñafiel, Antonio "Tony" S. Manapat, Obedelito "Lito" B. Velasco, Judy "Baby" D. Valbuena; Punong Kabataan, Joana G. Uy; Barangay Secretary, Mary Katherine R. Gonzalez; Barangay Treasurer, Ma. Catherine A. delos Trinos