Barangay15-Central, Caloocan

Fire Safety Prevention & Disaster Management Training
March 13-14, 2010

In cooperation with Philippine National Red Cross - Caloocan Chapter and Bureau of Fire Protection our barangay has conducted a Fire Safety Prevention and Disaster Management Training for our Barangay Public Safety Officer and other Volunteers. Volunteer Instructors are Ulysses Guzman & Raymond Ramos of PNRC and Roldan Ramos of BFP that made the event a success. Our BPSO  learn the different types of natural and human disaster. Basic disaster management and early warnings for all types of disaster. For the Fire Safety and Prevention, they learn different types of fire, how to prevent them and basic safety know-how. They even learn how to use a fire extinguisher and the actual practice to use it.

State of the Barangay Address
March 27, 2010
Caloocan Elementary School - Unit I

A very successful State of Barangay Address for our Punong Barangay Enrique G. Santos Jr., more came than we expected... We started it with a bingo and some film showing for the early comers. We also had a presentation of the Barangay Accomplishments for the past 5 months since our last State of the Barangay Address last October. And we ended it with few happy faces of the winner from our FREE bingo.

Sate of Barangay Address
October 17, 2009
Caloocan Elementary School - Unit I

      Pursuant to Proclamation no. 342 " Declaring the Last Saturday of March and the Third Saturday of October 2003 and every year thereafter as Barangay Assembly Day". and on Section 397 (b) of the Local Government Code mandated the Barangay to undertake a guideline of activities which will be headed by the Punong Barangay. But due to health reason our Punong Barangay Ricky Santos was unable to participate and gave the opportunity to the Sangguniang Barangay to present the Barangay Accomplishments, Sanggunian Proposed Ordinances and held a question and answer to our constituents. After the said reports the Sanggunian distribute some rice in behalf of our absent Punong Barangay to the attendee.
     We would like to thank all the people who attended and listen. Thank you very much

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Sanggunian Seminar: Barangay Governance and Administration
July 17, 2009
Querubin Garden, Bo. Bagbaguin Bulacan

     As our DILG Officer instructor/ coordinator Imelda Basilio said, this seminar is a Mid-term Evaluation for the Sanggunian. An evalution to know that they did their part in serving our constituent who choose  them for the reason that they can provide the service they ought to give. In all honesty, we cannot say that all is good and perfect when it comes to service in the eyes of our constituents and critics. Knowing and performing each and everyone's duty to prove your worth is only for ourselves to tell if we did it right. As a public servant we are most please to learn and adopt more knowledge from the people who are more capable to give us the right and proper direction to serve our community without over powering or intimidating others.
     Each and everyone has its own reason why they want to be a member of the Sangguniang Barangay, we are just very thankful that we have the opportunity to improve and gain more knowledge from  Ms. Imelda Basilio in behalf of the Department of Interior and Local Government.

Baton Handling & Proper Handcuffing
May 09, 2009
Caloocan Elementary School- Unit I

As a Barangay Tanod they encounter different type of incidents and the best way is to be aware and alert most of all when they are on duty. Our neighborhood Policemen had given them some pointers on how to apprehend criminals, juvenile offenders, suspected offenders and/or criminals and alike. They even teach our Barangay Tanod how to properly use their Baton and the proper way to handcuff offenders...
We would like to thanks SPO3 Reyes and PO1 Peralta for the brief instructions and PCP9 Caloocan

Disaster Management & First Aid Training
April 13 and 14, 2009
Caloocan Elementary School- Unit I

"Prevention is better than cure" as the saying goes... But the truth is we can never really prevent disaster and accidents, and  the best we can do as a public servant is to give our personnel proper training and know-how in case of such events. Last April 13 and 14, 2009 we have conducted a Disaster Management & First Aid Training at Caloocan Elementary School- Unit I with the help of Philippine National Red Cross- Caloocan Chapter.
Our Barangay Tanod, Health workers and other personnel learn new approach in responding to accident and disaster cases as a First Aider thanks to the PNRC Instructors Raymond L. Ramos Jr.- EMT and Gilbert P. Tampas.
We would like to thanks all the participants and the people who make this training possible... Dr. Delia Martin, Principal of Caloocan Elementary School- Unit I for the venue, Philippine National Red Cross- Caloocan Chapter and the Instructors for the long patience.... 

Synchronize Barangay Assembly - March 28, 2009
Caloocan Elementary School- Unit I

A complete accomplishment report for the constituents of Barangay 15 - Central but sad to say we really have few people interested in knowing what we have done and what will we be doing on the coming months.

State of Barangay Address- General Assembly October 18, 2008

A well prepared State of Barangay Address conducted at Caloocan Elementary School- Unit I last October 18, 2008.

Orientation on Gender & Development and Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children (Anti-VAWC) Seminar (June 28, 2008)

Conducted by DILG Coordinator Marlon Gatpandan and DILG Pasay Assistant Head, basic Barangay Public Safety Officer (BPSO) duties and responsibilities..... Information on Gender and development and AntiVAWC Seminar at Caloocan Elementary School- Unit I last June 28, 2008.......

We would like to thanks all the participants and all the person who take thier time to make this Seminar possible, most of all to our Punong Barangay Ricky Santos and Kagawad Phete Laya Commitee Chairman on Peace and Order.......

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2008 Liga Seminar (May 24-26, 2008)
Grand Villa Resort & Butterfly Farm, Bae, Laguna

        A yearly bonding event for all the barangay of Caloocan........ learning new skills  to perform leadership and ways to manage your barangay........

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1st State of Barangay Address
(March 29, 2008)
Atty Santiago Vacant Lot- P. Zamora Street

        The first 90 days is the most critical part of being a public servant... Critics and detractors will be looking at your works, but it seems that they are giving a Thumbs Up! for our Punong Barangay and Kagawad for doing a good job eventhough lacking of fund to fully serve all the people of Barangay 15....

          Thank you for all the Critics and Detractors for helping the New Generation of Public Servant to be at their Best in serving........

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Barangay15, Zone 2, District 2, Caloocan City,Punong Barangay, Enrique "Ricky" G. Santos Jr.;Kagawad: Federico "Phete" C. Laya, Miguell "Mike" J. Saludes, Enrico "Dok Ricky" S. Lizardo, Harry " Aug" S. Peñafiel, Antonio "Tony" S. Manapat, Obedelito "Lito" B. Velasco, Judy "Baby" D. Valbuena; Punong Kabataan, Joana G. Uy; Barangay Secretary, Mary Katherine R. Gonzalez; Barangay Treasurer, Ma. Catherine A. delos Trinos